Northwest Park Trail

About Me

My name is Richard Beattie, Rich to those who know me. Born in December 1980 in Frimley, England.  Son to Mary and Simon, brother to Daniel, Anna and Lucy.

I am a husband to Jen, my loving wife and long suffering partner in crime. We met in 2004 in Dunoon, Scotland.  We married in October 2007, in The Lake District, England.  In February 2009, our daughter Cora Beattie came along and in February 2015, our son Jude Riley Beattie arrived.

We live just outside Lanark, Scotland.  It’s a beautiful part of the world with buckets of history, rolling hills, forests and waterfalls.  As a family we’ve lived in Yorkshire, Chicago (US) and now Lanark, settling in what hopefully will be our ‘forever’ home, or at least until the kids get through school.

I am a business consultant, doing a job I love, providing my clients with solutions that help their jobs and businesses better.  It’s a demanding job that challenges me every day and I take seriously the responsibility the impact my advice to clients has on their world.  The job takes me to many countries, opportunities I very much appreciate.  It takes me away from the family though, so it’s a bitter sweet lifestyle which for now, we accept and make the most of as a family.

You ask Jen in particular, my mind does not stop and she will always dread when I open with, “I was thinking…”!  But I do, I think, I have ideas and I experience new things every day.  That’s why I’m here putting ‘pen to paper’, so to speak.

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